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Week June 28- July 4, 2021


CIC 1 - Dr. Stiles

CIC 2- Dr. Elhag

CIC3-  Dr. Wagner (Mon-Tues)

CIC3- Dr. B. Patel ( Wed-Sun)

CIC 4- Dr. Ware

CIC 5- Dr. Brady 

Aly is rounding (Mon-Sun)

ER coverage (731-3663)

Michele (Mon-Fri)

Dr. Dizechi (Sat-Sun)

Dr. K. Patel (Mon-Thurs) 3pm-11pm

Dr. Thurston (Fri-Sun) 3pm-11pm 

11pm-7am- Dr. Abrahamyan (Mon-Wed)

11pm-7am- Dr. Wagner (Thurs-Sun)

Week July 12-July 18, 2021

CIC 1- Dr. Thurston 
CIC 2- Dr. Frankhouser
CIC3- Dr. Mulkanoor (Mon-Wed)
CIC3- Dr. Brady (Thurs-Sun)

CIC4- Dr. Bdoyan
CIC5- Dr. Stiles (Mon-Tues)
CIC5- Dr. Chand (Wed-Fri)
Dee will round (Mon-Sat)
Michele will round (Sun)

ER coverage (731-3663)
 Aly 7a-3p (Mon-Fri)
Dr. Elhag 7a-3p (Sat-Sun) 
Dr. Young 3p-11p (Mon-Wed)
Dr. B. Patel 3p-11p (Thurs-Sun)

11pm-7am- Dr. Ware

Week July 5-July 11, 2021 

CIC1- Dr. Chand

CIC2- Dr. Ware (Mon-Thurs)

CIC2- Dr. Bdoyan (Fri-Sun)

CIC3- Dr. Dekiel (Mon-Wed) 

CIC3- Dr. Young (Thurs- Sun)

CIC4- Dr. K. Patel 

CIC5- Dr. B. Patel (Mon-Tues)

CIC5- Dr. Thurston (Wed-Fri)

Michele is rounding (Mon-Sat)

Dee is rounding (Sun)

ER coverage (731-3663)

Dee 7a-3p (Mon-Sun)

Dr. Stiles 7a-3p (Sat-Sun)

Dr. Kaevel 3p-11p (Mon-Sun)

11pm-7am-  Dr. Abrahamyan 

Week July 19-July 25, 2021

CIC1- Dr. K. Patel

CIC2- Dr. Stiles

CIC3- Dr. Sheehan (Mon-Thurs)

CIC3- Dr. Frankhouser (Fri-Sun)

CIC4- Dr. Elhag (Mon-Tues)

CIC4- Dr. Chand (Wed-Fri)

CIC5- Dr. B. Patel 

Aly will round (Mon-Sun)

ER coverage (731-3663)

Michele 7a-3p (Mon-Fri)

Dr. Chand 7a-3p (Sat-Sun)

Dr. Thursday 3p-11p (Tues, Thurs)

Dr. Brady 3p-11p (Mon, Wed)

Dr. Kaevel 3p-11p (Fri-Sun)

11pm-7am- Dr. Abrahanyan (Mon-Wed)

Dr. Dizechi (Thurs-Sun)

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